Thursday, March 27, 2014

9 Months Old...and Getting into Trouble Already!

Oh these boys, they are so goofy. They crack me up everyday, all three of them! The twins just turned 9 months yesterday. Yes, it's been that long already. I can't believe it either...

I would say they are getting big so fast, but they aren't really all that big. They are actually pretty small. Still wearing 6 month clothes with ease. Wearing size 3 diapers for awhile now, but I found a few size 2's still in the diaper bag this past weekend and we used those up just fine. (Shows you how often we actually use the diaper bag, doesn't it?) The other day we were at the store and somebody guessed their age as 5 months old.

Spiderman has two bottom teeth and I don't see any new ones coming in anywhere. Batman has just one on the bottom. Perhaps he is working on his second one down there, I'm not sure, he really won't let me see. He has always been the bigger of the two by one pound since they were born. They have their 9 month appointment this afternoon so I don't have their measurements yet. He still seems larger though.

Spiderman is always smiling and being silly. He loves the camera it seems. Both of them are very talkative, but no real words yet. They are also very mobile but instead of an actual "crawl" they do a sort of inch-worm thing. Getting up on their hands and knees and pushing forward then getting up again, pushing forward, etc. It's very cute and it sounds slow but they are actually quite fast at it now. Now they just need to learn how to move their hands forward too!

Batman loves to climb. He climbs up on boxes. He climbs on his brother. He climbs on anything he can get to. They both really like to play with each other and are now starting to get interested in their older brother as well. Following him around and getting him cornered so he can't get out seems to entertain everyone. My poor Superman was a bit frightened of them at first, and would cry for help when he got cornered. Now I think he's getting used to them and even tries to get them to chase him.

The babies are eating formula now and have been since February. I stopped pumping at the end of January and I thought I had a ton frozen but that went really quickly... They also eat three solid meals a day and love snacking on puffs, crackers, muffins and pancakes. They have recently tried rice but I don't think they cared for the texture of it. They also had some black beans and mashed potatoes this week for the first time. I need to start feeding them more of what we are eating.

They are doing so great and are so much fun to have around. I can't believe how lucky we are to have such sweet and happy boys. Now if they would just work on sleeping a little better at night...

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  1. So precious! You sure have your hands full!

    I'm following via Twitter & Blog Lovin'... so nice to meet you!

    1. Yes we do! It's fun though :) lol

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So cute!! I bet it's so fun for your twins to climb all over each other!! Thanks for sharing!!


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