Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ok, I Admit It...

Ok, I Admit It...Things I Do That You Might Find Annoying! You know those "pet peeves" everyone has? Well I've been reading a lot of lists of the lately and realized that sadly I am guilty of quite a few of them. I've read all of these on one list or another so I know that I'm irking at least a few people! Here are the things I do that just might annoy you:

1. Leaving drawers open an inch. I've gotten a lot better at this obviously since I can't leave them open where my little ones can reach them, but the silverware drawer is usually like that. The funny thing is if Superman sees it he will close it for me, he does not like things out of place. So now I guess I don't have that problem after all! 

2. I will tell you my 1-year-old's age in months. I don't really care if you have to try to figure it out, it's not that difficult. Sure, after he's turns two I won't do that anymore but there's such a huge difference between 13 months and 22 months it just seems logical to me. 

3. I am constantly leaving the top cupboard doors open. Sadly my little boy cannot reach those yet (good thing) so they hang open until I come back and realize it and finally close them. 

4. I'm really bad about putting the new toilet paper roll on the holder. I don't know why, I guess it's just laziness. I usually leave it on the counter and intend to put it on later but then my husband is the one that ends up doing it, oops. 

5. I don't like to drive by myself, it just seems so lonely. So whenever I do go somewhere on my own (this happens so rarely nowadays) I usually try to call someone, my mom most of the time. So yes, I'm one of those cell phone drivers. I promise I'm a good driver though. It's also not illegal here, if it was I wouldn't do it.

6. My laundry is always laying in a pile on the floor. Usually because my clean clothes are still in the laundry basket. From this list it appears that I'm a big slob. I'm really not! My house is clean most of the time (just not our bedroom). You know how women are usually complaining that their husband is so messy? Well my husband is not, I probably drive him crazy! He never says anything about it though...what a nice guy.

So even if you might find some of my quirks annoying, it's ok, I probably find some of yours slightly frustrating as well. I'll save my list of minor annoyances for another day. (Actually I'll just tell you one of them: I hate the term "pet peeve"). 

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  1. LOL I ALWAYS leave the top cupboard doors open and it drives my husband and my 5 yo son Crazy! When my son sees them he runs and tells daddy so daddy will close them lol
    And right now every laundry basket I have (which is like 3) are full of clean clothes. 1 even has the clothes in it folded. It just seems like so much work to put them all away after I just washed, dried, AND folded them!

  2. Guess we were on the same wave lengths when the age in months business! Haha! :)


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