Thursday, May 15, 2014

5 Summer TV Shows You Should Watch

Is anyone else sad when shows come to an end and you have to wait half a year before they come back on again? At least we have some great summer shows to watch while we are waiting! If you're wondering which shows I'm eagerly waiting for this fall it's Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time. And here are the awesome shows we are going to be watching this summer to keep us occupied:

1. Royal Pains - a medical drama about rich people that can afford to have a personal concierge doctor at their beck and call. Well, it's about the doctors, but they are rich too. Everyone has tons of money and medical issues.

2. Under the Dome - a small town is suddenly and strangely cut off from the rest of the world inside a giant invisible dome. Chaos and violence erupt inside as people start to realize that eventually they will run out of resources. Many mysterious things happen and nobody knows what's going on.

3. Covert Affairs - a young CIA operative saves the day during many dangerous missions where she goes undercover. Lots of people fall in love. People disappear and die or pretend they are dead.

4. Suits - a drama about lawyers wearing suits and covering up lies and falling in love with each other. 

5. The Last Ship (This is a new one we want to check out, hopefully it's good!) - a global pandemic wipes out 80% of the planet's population and the crew of a lone naval destroyer must find a way to pull humanity from the brink of extinction. Is anyone else going to try this show out? 

What are some of your favorite summer shows to watch?

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