Friday, May 23, 2014

Five for Friday

Five for Friday

1. I've only been drinking coffee two or three times a week lately and nothing terrible has happened. I guess I'd be okay to stop drinking it altogether but sometimes these early mornings are just too early!

2.  The babies are almost one but still fit just fine in their baby car seat carriers so that's what we've been using. I feel like they are getting too old to stay in them and they would probably like to be sitting up more often in the stroller, but it's so much easier to just snap them in and out when we are doing errands. It's such a dilemma! Maybe if they were out of their infant seats they would look older, right now people usually think they are 5 or 6 months still! We also still have to buy two car seats, so there's that.

3. On Tuesday next week my oldest will be having an assessment to see if he qualifies for the Early Intervention program. He has to be behind in at least two areas to qualify and as far as I know it's only speech, so we will see what happens.

Five for Friday 
4. We have a wasp or two hanging out around our deck and it scares me. Superman always wants to play out there and I worry that he will get stung. Our puppy also hangs out there quite often too and I wouldn't want her to get stung either. I don't see a nest yet but they do seem to make one every year eventually. 

5. We are having a barbeque at our house on Sunday! What fun plans do you have for the holiday weekend?
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  1. Oh I miss having a yard! I would love to throw a BBQ this weekend! We have been so busy with events though so we'll be taking it easy with lots of couch time this weekend before the baby arrives (2 weeks or so). I hope your son's assessment goes well! H54F


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