Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Social: Summertime!

I hope you all are having a good weekend so far! Today I'm linking up for the Sunday Social because I haven't done that in a couple of weeks now. 

1. What is your best summer memory as a kid?
Well, I wasn't really a kid, but the summer right before I went to basic training (I was 22) was my favorite summer ever. I had tons of fun hanging out with people from work, had fun at work, went rollerblading a lot, went running almost every day, and had tons of fun at a music festival that I worked at.

2. What is your favorite summer drink?
 Sun Tea. I love making that stuff. I could drink it all day. Sometimes I do.

3. What is your favorite summer TV show?
 I just wrote about this actually. I think my favorite of these would have to be Under the Dome.

4. What is the best outdoor summer activity?
 Rollerblading! I love to do this but I haven't in a few years. I didn't think it was a good idea while pregnant.

5. What are your summer vacation essentials?
I haven't been on a vacation in a long sounds fun though!

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  1. So ready for Under the Dome!

  2. So many people are saying Under the Dome today. I guess it's about time I should start watching!

  3. Gosh, I forgot how much fun rollerblading can be. I use to do that all the time as a kid!

    Have a great weekend!



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