Thursday, June 26, 2014

We Survived the First Year!

At times it didn't seem like we would make it but we have actually survived the first year with our twins! They are now 12 months old. I think this next year might actually be harder than the first year. They are so much work to keep up with right now! They also like to get into trouble constantly and fight with each other all the time. Some days I feel like I'm literally going crazy and they haven't even started walking yet! 

They seem to be extra mischievous little boys, but maybe that's just because there is two of them plotting together. It's so much fun though, even with the craziness. They really are quite hilarious and even when they are naughty they are so cute I can't help but laugh. (This does not help the issue at all!) They are both little hams and love to have an audience. They crack me up every day but I am also very thankful for nap time and bed time!

As far as development, they seem to be right on track with everything. They aren't walking unassisted yet, but they prefer to cruise the furniture and walls and walk while pushing objects rather than crawling. They both crawl extremely fast. Nowadays when they follow me into a room they aren't supposed to be in, I have to bring one out and then hurry back to get he second one but even then the first one is usually back in the room again by that time. Usually I just have to sneak into the back rooms or run really fast and close the door or I have three little visitors in with me! 

Their favorite toys are pretend dishes and food which they really love, or anything their big brother is playing with at the time. They've learned how to throw toys through the stair railings so we usually end up with a lot fewer toys upstairs by the end of the day. They also enjoy this game during nap times when they throw their pacifiers and blankets out of the bed and then cry when they can't reach them anymore. 

They are starting to use sippy cups more often, but they still have their milk in a bottle for now because they don't seem to drink it otherwise. They are on regular whole milk and have refused to eat pureed baby food for awhile now. They pretty much eat whatever we are eating for three meals a day with one or two snacks in between. It's funny because there are some foods where one of them likes it and the other won't eat it. Batman is a bit more picky than his brother most of the time. When I feed them things like yogurt or apple sauce my oldest usually wants some too so I end up feeding all three from the same bowl. (We've always shared spoons and bowls with the twins, it's easier that way).

We are having a birthday party this weekend for all three boys! It's going to be Curious George themed and I'm very excited to put it all together. Next week I'll share some pictures of how it turned out! Our first year has been difficult and at times seemed completely insane, but we made it and I wouldn't trade any of it. I love these boys so much and I am so thankful every day that we get to experience this crazy adventure!

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