Friday, July 11, 2014

A Typical Day in Our House...

A Typical Day in Our House...

Are you curious about what a day in our life is like? Here's you chance to get a glimpse! 

  • 430am - My husband's alarm goes off and he gets up, feeds the dog and goes to work. Sometimes this wakes the babies up, hopefully it doesn't.
  • 530am - The babies wake up and I hear them giggling and playing around in their cribs.
  • 545am - I finally get up because the babies sound like they are getting a little less happy. Wash out their bottles and give them some milk.
  • 6am - I hear Superman waking up and bring him upstairs. Everyone gets changed and dressed. 
  • 630am - Breakfast for everyone. The babies throw most of their food on the floor and Superman barely touches his. 
  • 7am - I try to clean up the kitchen a bit but mostly I just ignore it until later. The boys play (with things they aren't supposed to)/fight/hurt themselves. This continues the entire day as well.
  • 8am - Nap time for the little ones. Superman and I usually go downstairs to play plus he has a snack.
  • 930am - The little ones wake up. We go on a walk to the playground if it's nice out.
  • 10am - The boys are all hungry already and begging to eat lunch. I try to hold them off until at least 1030 but I am already hungry too. So we end up eating lunch at 1030ish which means we are done by 11 and naptime isn't until 12. So we all play together (all three of them are jealous whenever someone else gets attention, so they all try to climb on me at once. It's pretty funny.)
  • 12pm - Naptime for everyone! I usually end up taking one too. 
  • 130pm - The little ones are up again. They get to play some more. 
  • 2pm - Superman wakes up from his nap. Everyone has a little snack and then I try to entertain them. This is also the time I normally clean up the house. It's amazing how messy it gets in just one day.
  • 4pm - The little ones are ready for dinner. Superman also wants to eat with them so he has a snack and watches a show. I start making dinner for everyone else.
  • 430pm - My husband gets home from work and normally tries to work out for an hour if he can.
  • 530ish pm - Dinner is ready so Superman and I start eating. The other boys are getting fussy so I eat quickly.
  • 545pm - My husband quickly eats and we start baths for everyone. We do baths every other day in our house.
  • 615pm - The little boys go to bed and we spend time with our oldest until his bedtime. I also clean up the kitchen and living room at this time.
  • 730pm - Time to read a story and then bedtime for Superman! My husband showers and I do blog stuff or play video games while waiting for him. (Why does this whole process take him 40ish minutes when I can shower in 5 minutes? And he doesn't even have any hair to wash...)
  • 830pm - We watch whatever shows were on that night and then bed time by 10pm so that we can start the process over again in the morning!

I hope it doesn't sound like I am complaining about our schedule! I will admit that sometimes it does get old doing the same thing every day, but I really do enjoy it (most of the time). We are pretty busy just doing the normal everyday stuff, but we try to get out and do some other activities with the boys a couple of times a week. 

Of course things change every day. It doesn't always follow this schedule exactly, but I've always been a scheduler with my babies. Things just work out better for us if they stay on the same schedule every day. The weekends usually mess up our perfect schedule and everyone gets a little off. As they get older now it will get easier to shift things around. My oldest doesn't usually have any issues now, but the little boys are still stuck on their schedule pretty much. 

So I just keep reminding myself that it will get better, we won't always have to have so many scheduled naptimes and soon they will be able to wait longer for meals if they need to and we will be able to do more out of the house activities!  

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  1. Oh... I remember when my girls were young everything was scheduled like that to the minute. The day would just run smoother if they stuck into the schedules that they fell into. My oldest still thrives on schedules, "Mom, it's 6:12 and dinners usually are at 6"... lol

  2. You are superwoman!!!! And, my your up early:) Hello, and happy Tuesday. I'm stopping over from the Hobnob where I'm co-hosting:)


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