Saturday, March 22, 2014

Snapshot Saturday #1

Snapshot Saturday is obviously all about photos. Photos from the past week is what it is supposed to be, but since this is the first one the photos are recent, but not just from this week. I am so excited to start blogging again! (Yes I had a blog before but I neglected it for far too long and have decided just to start over fresh).

Yesterday morning was awesome, the babies slept in until 630, which was unheard of! Superman even slept in until almost 7am. This is craziness, people. We are normally up around 5 or 530 at the very latest. So I was hoping that this would be a new trend for them but no such luck. This morning we were back to 530 again. Oh welllll, someday it will happen....

And now for some snapshots!

Snapshot Saturday #1

1. It was kinda nice out one day (although not sunny at all) so we went out on the deck to check out the back yard. Superman did not enjoy this very much as you can tell from his sad expression.

2. The babies are going to be 9 months old already next week! How did this happen?!? These little cuties are getting into everything these days. This one is Spiderman, the smallest of the two.

3. And of course here is Batman, the little drool-monster. He has one tooth in on the bottom and perhaps is getting the second one but he really does not want me to see. Spiderman has 2 little teeth on the bottom.

4. I thought this was pretty hilarious. Of course he had perfect timing to spit right when I took a picture! He thinks it's pretty funny too it looks like.

5. My big boy is growing up so fast! Look at that great smile he has when I can actually catch it on camera.

6. I took this one this morning. Yesterday was the first day of spring so of course we woke up to a snowstorm. We don't have much snow left anymore and I can't wait for it to get warmer so we can spend time outside! You can see our garden boxes we made last year, I'm so excited to plant some vegetables! Now I just need to figure out what would work best in there...

Hopefully you all are having a great weekend! (Like anyone is actually reading this yet! haha)


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