Wednesday, April 30, 2014

7 Essential Items for Surviving the First 6 Months with Twins

7 Essential Items for Surviving the First 6 Months with Twins My boys are now 10 months old so they are well past the first 6 months. It's actually more work now that they are mobile and getting into everything than it was when they just laid there smiling or crying. Don't get me wrong, those first few weeks and months were really hard, especially with another little one as well (my oldest had just turned one when they were born), but here are some essential items we found that helped us get through it. Just remember, it's really hard and having no sleep is awful, but after a few months it will be so much easier and it will all be a distant memory!

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1. Two Boppy Pillows - These were nice and easy to set them in while changing the other one or for feeding two at once. We still use them for bottle feedings (or at least try to, they pretty much just run off now).

2. Two Cradle Swings - I wasn't sure if we needed two of these, but I'm really glad we did. They have been lifesavers. They napped in them for the first couple of months. When they were sick and congested they used them to sleep in all night. Before we started sleep training, they would rock to sleep in them before going to bed every night.

3. Swaddlers - My babies all liked to sleep in these. Some babies don't like them. Ours slept better for the first few months using these until they started wiggling out of them all the time.

4. Pacifiers (Wubbanubs) - The boys got these from their NICU stay and they have been really nice to have. When they are little the bean bag animal can hold it in place and when they get older they are easier for them to find in their crib at night.

5. CD Player/Radio - The babies slept in our room for the first month or so. After we moved them into their own bedroom we used one of these and have the radio on all night long. They get used to sleeping with noise and it can help cover up other noises in the house that might wake them up.

6. Two Bouncers - These were great to let them sit in while we were eating dinner or doing other things so they could still be in the same room. When they got a little older then also could eat their bottles in them.

7. White Board - I love having this in my kitchen. It helps me keep track of appointments for the month, the menu for the week, and anything else I need to remember. I also used it to write down times and names for medicines if needed and to keep track of when each baby ate last during the day. I'm pretty forgetful and absent-minded lately so this has been very helpful.

These are the items that I found most useful, along with all the other normal baby stuff you need, of course. What are some of your most useful baby items?

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