Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Goals!

April Goals
Well I guess Spring is officially here since I just saw a (really fat) robin on our deck. At the same time we also got a bit of snow last night and it's still snowing I don't even know what to think! I just really can't wait for it to get warm enough for us to play outside. The kids have some great outdoor toys that we want to put together and it will be so nice not to be cooped up inside all the time!

I was going to have a post about my spring cleaning goals and stuff I wanted to get done this April. Which I probably will still list some of it, but when I started looking at some of these spring cleaning checklists I got a little overwhelmed. There's just sooo much to do! I don't even want to think of it right now! I'm sure part of it is the awful cold that I have that is making me too tired to do anything. Or maybe I'm just lazy. That's probably 90% of the problem right there!

So here's a short list of April Goals...even though it's a few days late:
-Spring Cleaning (ugh!)
-Go through everyone's clothing for the summer
-Plan my garden boxes out
-Read at least one book (I have a few that I need to finish up...)
-Get Superman's room and bed ready for him to move from crib to regular bed

Blog Goals:
-Write at least 5 posts/week
-Get to 100 likes on Facebook
-Get to 1000 followers on Pinterest and Twitter

Hopefully I can get all of them done this month! I think the hardest one will actually be reading a book. I can't think of any time I have to do that anymore!

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  1. These are some great goals! Good for you! :)

    Thanks for linking up with Lovely Thursdays!


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