Thursday, April 24, 2014

Etsy Love

If you followed me on my old blog I used to have a Things I LOVE post almost every week and I've decided to start doing that again! This week it's all about Etsy. There are sooo many awesome and delightful things on that site! I love browsing through it, although it's easy to lose track of time doing that. Here are some of the cool things I found that I love this week:

Things I LOVE Thursday: Etsy Love
Eiffel Tower Kid's Bookcase! This looks amazing. I wish we could build neat stuff like this for the kids. I mean, the boys probably wouldn't use this exact design, but for a girl's room it'd be great. 

Cloud Potholders! Clouds are just cute and fluffy. As you can see I have two cloud shaped things on the list today. The cloud cutting board is super cute as well. I think we need more cloud shaped things in our lives. 

Good Things Come Stencil! I love baking. I should probably get this stencil. Imagine how cool my pies would look with this on it! It wouldn't even matter how they tasted because of how awesome they would look.

Unicorn Desk Lamp! Everyone needs a unicorn lamp on their desk. I would use this for a nightlight so I could see it all night long. Although hopefully I will be sleeping and won't see it at all...

And last but probably the coolest thing on this list: a Hobbit Hole Playhouse! I know I want one of these in my backyard. For only about $2400 you can have one too! How do they even ship something like that? I'm curious. But for real I want to live in one. 

What are some of your favorite finds on Etsy lately?

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