Friday, May 30, 2014

Five for Friday & Summer Bucket List

1. I'm so glad we can finally spend time outside with the boys! We've been having a lot of fun taking walks every day and playing in the water. The babies love getting completely soaked and trying to drink any water they are playing with. It's so cute! Since it's finally summer, here is our family bucket list for this year! 

Summer Bucket List 2014

2. This past week I had to go in for my root canal. That was one of the most awful experiences ever. It wasn't whatever the dentist was doing that was awful, it was my jaw being held open too far for too long. Ouch! It's still sore from that! But yay, I can now chew my food on both sides of my mouth without pain! 

3. It's been so boring in the evenings lately without and new TV shows to watch! Good thing we have reruns of Big Bang Theory to watch pretty much every night. I never watched that show before meeting my husband, but I'm pretty sure I've seen them all a few times by now. 

4. Our little puppy is 3 months old (although she's huge already!) and is finally starting her puppy classes. We took her to the first one last night. I was surprised to see that there was no other big puppies, they were all little dogs. (There was also the cutest little corgi puppy I've ever seen.) They had a puppy playtime where we let them off the leash and those poor little dogs, our giant puppy was far too wild for them. Hopefully she does better next time. 

5. My favorite Etsy find this week. It's such a cute necklace! Check it out here.

Have a good weekend lovely friends!
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  1. That summer bucket list looks like so much fun! I need to make a "before baby" one (he's due July 12th)!
    Have a great weekend :)


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