Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday

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1. So I ended up having to go to the dentist this week because of a painful cavity that popped up out of nowhere. Turns out I have to have a root canal, ick! The sad thing is they won't be doing it until the end of the month still. I guess I can live with the pain until then (don't really have a choice! haha)

2. Speaking of teeth, Spiderman had a third tooth on the top come in without me noticing somehow! I guess that tooth at least didn't bother him. Batman is very crabby this week, however. His teeth are giving him a hard time, poor baby.

3. This weekend I'm planning on getting some major cleaning done around our house. I'm going to go room by room and clean and go through everything. We're having a garage sale next month so I need to get everything ready for that. 

4. My oldest, Superman, loves to dance to music. It's so adorable! He hasn't done it in a long time but he just started doing it again this week. 


5.  Has anyone else watched the show Surviving Jack? I think it's hilarious! Last night was the season finale after only 5 episodes. Sadly it was cut and won't be coming back. It's really too bad, it was a good show with great writing.

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