Saturday, May 10, 2014

Snapshot Saturday #8

Hooray it's already the weekend again! Do I say this every week? Probably. The week just goes really fast. We had a busy week this past week. Last Sunday the boys had a NICU reunion that we went to at the hospital. Superman had a lot of fun with the games and prizes. We also got to talk to people from the Right Track program they have here in our state. They are going to come to our house to do a developmental screening with our oldest next Friday because he isn't talking yet. I'm glad we found this program but I'm not sure why our pediatrician didn't tell us about it before. 

Tonight we are going to eat out for Mother's Day with everyone. This will be the first time bringing the babies to a restaurant ever. It will be interesting. They aren't so great at sitting in their chairs nicely. I hope it goes okay. We will see...but for now, check out these snapshots from this past week!

 Have an awesome weekend!
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  1. So cute! Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day and meal out! Have a beautiful day!


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