Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday

 1. Our garage sale is tomorrow! I really hope we make enough to make it worthwhile because it's been an awful lot of work this week trying to get ready for it. I still have a lot to do today. Ugh. What are your fun plans for the weekend?

2. Since it was Superman's birthday this past week I made cake and let all the little boys have some. 
They had fun making a huge mess. 
I am only making cupcakes for the birthday party and those aren't quite as exciting as a big piece of cake. 

Five for Friday: June 20, 2014

3. I found something else I need to get for meal times. How cute is that?!


4. If you were wondering what my Superman's favorite book is this week, it is this one. 
He's been picking it every single night to read before bed!


5. My boys are slowly starting to grow a little more! They are going to be one year next week and they are finally wearing 9 and 12 month clothes. Mostly 9 month. They still have to wear 6 month pants and shorts though. They are starting to get too short but the 9 month pants are way too big. They are kind of in-between sizes I guess. 

That's all I have today! We are going to be pretty busy these next couple of weeks! 
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Awesome plates Batman! My daughter frequently has that same problem with her tops not matching the size for the bottom. Makes it hard to buy outfits.

    1. Yes! We have to resort to buying separate items instead of outfits lately. Thanks for the comment! I hope you have a great weekend :D

  2. So cute and I love those plates!


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